NKKF Okinawan Trip 2002 & 2003
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Shuri Mon 1st gate at the Shuri Castle
Shuri Mon

Our 2002 Trip was the best ever!

We Left Orlando on March 27th and arrived in Tokyo March 28th. The trip took us over the coast of Alaska, The sites were incredible as we traveled in daylight the entire 13 hours. We were met at the airport in Tokyo by Kaneta Soke, had a great time there with him practicing Karate and Goshin Budo. Before catching our bus to Haneda Airport for our 2 hour flight to Naha.

The group Shihan Woodard took to Japan and Okinawa were, Tom Hodges "Sandan", Vicki Hodges "Nidan", Nick Carter "Nidan", and Robby Bray "Shodan". The expirence of a lifetime.

NKKF Group at the Shuri Castle 1st Gate
NKKF group at Shuri Mon
Dreams do come true!

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