NKKF Okinawan Trip 2002 & 2003
Destination Page
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At this destination, we got our first exposure to the local language and culture.

UTSUKUSHII (Beautiful)

Everyday was a new adventure as we traveled from one end of the island to the other. Okinawa is a beautiful island abundant with pineapple, sugarcane, and tea.

Proclemation and Key to the City
Proclemation and Key to the City of Ocala, FL. USA
presented in Ozato Son Okinawa 4/5/02 in Goodwill and Friendship

This photo is a Proclemation and the Key to the City of Ocala, Florida sent from the Mayor of Ocala to the City of Ozoto Son Okinawa in friendship and good will presented by Shihan Woodard and the NKKF group.

Shuri Castle Naha, Okinawa
Shihan Woodard and Nick

The group was invited inside the Shuri Castle compound to take the photo's you see here, later the group visited the main Castle. It could not have been better, complete with personal tour guide explaining each detail. 
Many Thanks Boss.

Where We Stayed

Our Hotel in Kochinda notice the Shorin Ryu Dojo

Our Hotel was a real kick also, we just happened to be one floor above Nakamura Sensei's Dojo. We were downtown Kochinda on the fourth floor of the Business hotel there. No one spoke English at this end of the island, but everyone was very kind and helping.

Traditional Table in our room
Okinawan Table
We also had a western style table and chairs in our kitchen

Okinawan style bedroom
Traditional Futon

Sleeping on the Traditional Futon was not as bad as we had thought, but after the second week we all longed for our beds at home. And then there was the rooster crowing the wake up call at 4:30 every morning. MMMM Chicken anyone!