NKKF Okinawan Trip 2002 & 2003
2003 Page IV
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Martial Arts Sights

Monument to Comodore Perry
perry monument
Tomari Distric of Naha

The three main areas of Okinawas main city are Shuri, Tomari, and Naha

Beautiful Beaches near Tomigusku Village
tomigusku district

Motobu Unden Ti Dojo in Okinawa City
Takamiagi Sensei's Dojo
Bo Kumite withTakamiagi Sensei

Shogenji Naha, Okinawa
Shogen Castle Ruins where the original Book was kept

Shogen Ji is the castle ruins in which the Book of the Kings or Hon was kept. This is where the translation for headquarters or Honbu came from.

A&W Rootbeer --ahh American Sushi Chili dogs mmm
a&w rootbeer Okinawa

Kimono on and ready for bed
Dalton and Colton in their Kimono's at the Hotel
Western Style Room

Dalton and Colton in Budokan Main Lobby
Dalton and Colton Woodard in Budokan Main lobby
The Boys got the chance to expirence the true feeling of Budo

NKKF Group from East to West -- North end to Southern tip of Okinawa