NKKF Okinawan Trip 2002 & 2003
2003 Trip III
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Rensei Dojo 2nd floor
Budokan tatami
Okinawa Perfectual Budokan

The Okinawan Perfectual Martial Arts Hall "Budokan" has areas for outside training as well as the 3 floors of training halls and weight training rooms inside.

Partial Picture of the more than 1000 competitors
Okinawan Budokan Main Hall

Ueichi Ryu's Living cultural assets
Tomoyose Sensei
The Leaders of Ueichi Ryu

Okinawan Budokan Sumo Ring
Behind Budokan

The grounds of the Budokan hosts a variety of training choices.

Shihan Woodard in the Main Hall of the Budokan
Shihan Woodard at Budokan
Competition at the age of 50???

The 2003 Seminars
Seminars at the Budokan
Martial Artist from around the Globe

The National Karate & Kobudo Federation 2003 Japan / Okinawa Trip. Next World Tournament in Okinawa 2005. ARE YOU GOING?