NKKF Okinawan Trip 2002 & 2003
Interesting Sights
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Here are pictures of some of the memorable sights from our trip.

Photo at Government Complex

Naha Dojo

Tom Hodges, Nick Carter and Robby Bray all tested for Yudansha ranks while in Okinawa at the Tesshinkan Ryu Kyu Kobudo Honbu.

NKKF Members test for Yudansha rank
Tom, Nick, and Robby Great Job

Old friend from the States
Nick and Robby runs into an old friend Col.Sanders
Nick and Robby with the Col.

Come Back soon More to Come!

This photo is in front of the government building in Ozoto Son Okinawa with the Mayor, Tamayose Sensei, Uehara Sensei, the German group, and the NKKF group after presentation from the NKKF members..

Gunma Ken Dojo in Japan
Soke Kaneta at Japan Dojo

Ozato Son Budokan Dojo
Ozato Son Budokan Dojo
Kyoshi Tamayose and Shihan Woodard