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Snorkel or just watch the amazing Manatee on our Manatee Tours.

The Adventure of a Lifetime
Gentle Giant
Swim with the Manatee look but don't touch

What an expirence!
Group swimming with the ancestors
"My life will never be the same"

Available Packages

Crystal River Adventure
Like Swimming in a glass of water

Homosassa Trip:

See the wild life or the Monkeys on Monkey Island, or snorkel for the delecious sea scallops. See the Dolphin, gentle Manatee or native fish in their natural habitat.
A true Natural Theme Park with no crowds. Just you your family and the Captian.

Snorkeling Parties on the Beautiful Rainbow River
Rainbow River
Tfhe Birthday of a Lifetime


Manatee Tours:

* Crystal River:
* Homosassa River
* Cedar Key (Scalloping

Scenic River Cruise

* Silver River
Ocala, Florida
* Rainbow River
Dunnellon, Florida
* Crystal River
Crystal River, Florida
* Homosassa River
Homosassa, Florida
* Harris Chain of Lakes
Journey through the Locks from Lake to Lake
traveling across central Florida by water.

For more information call: (352) 454-3020

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