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Kyoshi Bill Woodard 7th Degree Black Belt
State, National, World Champion and Grand Champion Titles

Kyoshi Bill Woodard with his formula for winning has trained hundreds of Champion Martial Artist, and the list keeps growing.

Mason Parker Advanced Youth Champion
Training at the Ocala Karate Dojo for the past 6 yrs.

  • Division Champion:
Congratulations to:   Mason Parker . Mason competed in the Ozawa Cup World Tournament in Las Vegas. The Advanced Youth from the Ocala Karate Dojo Placed 4th in the Youth Black Belt Kumite WKF fighting Division. Great Work Mason. All the practice has paid off
Mason is a National Competitor and has won or placed in every mayor competition across the USA.

Mason has continued on his winning streak with State and National titles and recently again placing in the top of the Amature Athletic Union AAU Regional Qualifyer April 2009. Next is State, then Nationals, and Jr. Olympics
Below is Mason during the testing for his Shodan 1st Degree Black Belt at the Ocala Karate Dojo on April 4th, 2009.
  • FAME Y 2K Circuit:
Jason Locay advanced Weapons & Kata Champion
Cody Liss advanced Forms & Fighting Champion
Mason Parker advanced Forms & Weapons Champion
Kaitlyn Plunkett 3rd Kata
Mike Mace Kata Champion
Alexander Nadenik 4th Kata 3rd Fighting
  •  Florida Georgia circuit Champions:
Sensei Frank Rebro Grand Champion State Black Belt Kata Division Champion.
Mason Parker Advanced Youth Kata & Kumite Champion
Mikie Mace  3rd
Last year Was another Great year for trhe Students of the Ocala Karate Dojo.
With 8 Regional Champions, 6 Florida State AAU Champions, and 6 that Qualified for the AAU National Competition.
We are Proud to anounce that of the 4 Students that competed in the Nationals 2 placed in the top 4 of their divisions, One took Adult Black Belt Runner Up Silver Medal and one took USA National Champion. Fantastic Job Everyone...


Johan Calascibetta Not only Won State and Nationals but went on to medal at the Jr. Olympics in LA.  Johan was again State, and National Champion. Due to his outstanding performance he was accepted on the USA National Team and traveled to Tokyo and Osaka Japan where he placed in the top three Black Belts at both events with a Bronze Medals. Extraordinary!!


Dalton Woodard (20)
Sensei Woodard's oldest son
Graduated from Trinity Catholic High School. Now enrolled into the Berklee School of Music Program.
Has titles such as State, National, and World Champion
Dalton has either won or placed in every Major Competition since 1994
Has traveled to Japan and Okinawa for training with his father and some of the Legends and Masters of the Martial Arts. He continues to contribute and pass on what he has learned by teaching at the Ocala Karate Dojo. Great Roll Model!


Colton Woodard (19)
Sensei Woodard's youngest son.
Student at Trinity Cayholic High School
Has won Champion tiltes in Forms, Kumite, & Weapons
in every Major Competition since 1995. Colton continues to pass on his skills by teaching, and inspiring the youth class and summer camp at the Ocala Karate Dojo. He recently Tested under the Soke (successor) of the Karate System he trains in Soke Kozo Kuniba at one of his visits to the Ocala Karate Dojo. What a great job!
Colton also traveled to Japan and Okinawa training with his father and Masters of the arts. Colton and his brother Dalton was the film crew for Kyoshi Woodard as he competed in the 2003 World Competition in Okinawa as the oldest Black Belt Competitor. He still placed in the top 10, and was featured on the World Tournament Video distrubuted world wide. 

Dalton & Colton Woodard with Dad, Kyoshi Woodard
They put on quite a Show ... Great Job!!
Florida Regional Champions

Kyoshi Woodard and his sons at one of the AAU State Championships. Both boys qualified and continued winning, but as the competition went on many competitors repeated the same forms both in weapons as well as forms competition as allowed in youth divisions due to limited knowledge. When told they could repeat the same forms, both boys replied the adult Black Belts must perform a different form each time, and they were Black Belts even though in the youth division. So knowing they could be eliminated each did a different weapon for each round, and a different form for each round. They were eventually defeated after several rounds by those using the same routine over and over. At the end of the competition competitors and coaches alike came to them and were amazed at their knowledge, and skill raving on their performances. This was much bigger than the medal, as it is still talked about today 5 years later.

Sensei Frank Rebro, Ocala Karate Dojo Champion at National AAU Championships, placing 2nd with Silver Medal.

Frank Rebro Runner Up AAU National Championships
Winston Salem, N.C.
2004 AAU Silver Medal

Not Pictured is:
  • Sean Fullwood 2004 AAU State Blakc Belt Champion (Iaido Sword)
  • Matt Antony 2004 Florida State AAU Champion
  • Johan Calasabetta 2004 Florida AAU State Champion & 2004 AAU National Champion

AAU State Champions:
  • Lynn Marie Lusk Double Silver Champion Female Black Belt Div.
  • Johan Calascibetta Young Adult Advanced Double Gold & Silver
  • Jason Locay Double Gold Champion, Silver, & Bronze Youth Begginer Div.
  • Jason Armentrout Youth Div. Double Gold Champion
  • Frank Rebro Silver Medalist Adult Black Belt


Ocala Karate Dojo Championship Team
Dojo Champions
Karate Dojo end of year State Division Champions

Back Row from left:  Frank Rebro, Lynn Marie Lusk, Colton Woodard, Michael Paglia, Dalton Woodard, Sensei Bill Woodard
Middle Row Left: Nina Baker, Mike Terry, Marcus Buchman, Jason Locay, Malek Hamed
Front Row Left: Bruce Dinh, Mason Parker, Kaitlyn Plunkett, Colt Papy, Kavelin Rumalla